Erik G. Schneider, Senior Investigator and Owner/Founder

A U.S. Navy Gulf War Vet and a technology expert, Erik has been a Private Investigator for almost 20 years.  He had a thriving practice in Denver Colorado for the majority of that time and moved to Virginia in 2015.

Since 2015 he served as the VP of Risk Management for a 42 million dollar corporation.  He managed a successful department of over 40 direct reports and served on the Advisory Board to the CEO.  

He is aggressive when necessary and yet is an excellent listener and interviewer.  He provides high-quality reports and testimony which are powerful in the courtroom.

Ed Schneider, Office Manager

Ed is also a U.S. Navy Vet.  He has 12 years experience with the Clerk of Courts in Brevard County, FL as well as being the Principal Evidence Clerk.

Prior to his Paralegal career, Ed has years of experience as a firefighter, EMT, and Paramedic and has also worked as a Zoologist.

Ed is very organized and understands the key elements of good legal research and evidentiary process.

Troy Fitzgerald, Executive Protection Specialist and General Partner

Troy Fitzgerald is a Personal Protection Specialist based in the Shenandoah Valley of central Virginia.  He has worked in a variety of environments including principal close protection for corporate executives, diplomats and high net-worth clients, protective surveillance, VIP estate security, business property security, workplace violence/hostile terminations, event security and embassy details.
With the ever-growing unsafe conditions in our world today and the unknowns faced daily by everyone, Troy feels great reward and satisfaction in protecting those who need it.


DCJS ID# 11-19050