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Corporate Risk Analysis-Response-Mitigation

Corporate risk management refers to all of the methods that a company uses to minimize losses. Risk managers perform practices to prevent loss exposure through internal controls of people and technologies. 

Risk management also relates to external threats to a corporation, such as competitive intel gathering, sabotage, theft of secrets, etc.   


Private Investigation

Bad things happen to good people, Good people make bad choices, sometimes people are falsely accused.  In all these cases there is more to the story than what is charged.  A Private Investigator is a person who uncovers information and tests facts against the various narratives which are created when an event happens.  They do this in an effort to discover the truth of the matter so that the attorney can present the client with a real plan and solution to the matter while setting realistic expectations.  P.I.s can act as expert witnesses in fields they have experience in and can also provide evidence which may have been overlooked by law enforcement and could be exculpatory.

As a mitigation specialist, a Private Investigator guides the family and friends of the accused through gathering vital information regarding their life, education, work, community service, and others so that a report can be generated to, in essence, bring the client off paper and present their entire character to the court and prosecutor.  This allows them to make sound decisions regarding the fate of the client and also legally allows them to offer a “better deal” even if the circumstances are the same as another who did not present mitigation.  


HR Trouble Employee Management

Sadly, in our current world, people and employees who feel undervalued or disrespected are turning to violence in response.  Often times traditional HR offices are ill-equipped or fearful of dealing with certain employee issues.  Our firm is deeply experienced with the HR and personal ramifications of difficult terminations.  From investigation and analysis of culpability to service of termination we can assist.  Our processes set up evidence and credibility in favor of the company to effectively represent your company’s side during unemployment hearings and appeals.

We professionally execute the separation with a minimum of disruption to the business and can follow up with a security plan to prevent disaster.

The Team

Erik G. Schneider, Senior Investigator and Owner/Founder

A U.S. Navy Gulf War Vet and a technology expert, Erik has been a Private Investigator for almost 20 years.  He had a thriving practice in Denver Colorado for the majority of that time and moved to Virginia in 2015.

Since 2015 he served as the VP of Risk Management for a 42 million dollar corporation.  He managed a successful department of over 40 direct reports and served on the Advisory Board to the CEO.  

He is aggressive when necessary and yet is an excellent listener and interviewer.  He provides high-quality reports and testimony which are powerful in the courtroom.

Ed Schneider, Office Manager

Ed is also a U.S. Navy Vet.  He has 12 years experience with the Clerk of Courts in Brevard County, FL as well as being the Principal Evidence Clerk.

Prior to his Paralegal career, Ed has years of experience as a firefighter, EMT, and Paramedic and has also worked as a Zoologist.

Ed is very organized and understands the key elements of good legal research and evidentiary process.

Chris Ragone, Executive Security Concepts

Another Navy Vet, Chris is the Owner/Principal of Executive Security Concepts, a sister company of EIC and who we contract to provide after care for serious employee situations.  He is a graduate of The Executive Protection Institute, a private training facility and Christopher has provided security for politicians, celebrities, diplomats, high-profile individuals and royal family members. He has earned the rank, 8th Degree Assistant Professor of Universal Kempo-Karate. 


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